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Morning Time Liturgy - January 2019

Morning time!

We begin our Morning Time with singing The Lord's Prayer as our breakfast prayer.

This beautiful, simple tune is an ancient one and I love that we are singing it daily and my children will carry it in their memories.

Then, they begin eating and I begin reading! Here is our current version:

Morning Time Liturgy
The Lord’s Prayer (sung) (from Cantus Christi) (sheet music available here) The Christian Almanac Bible reading Victor Journey through the Bible (Other books as time allows - science, history, fun read aloud fiction, manners, etc!)  Psalm or Hymn from the Cantus Christi

Schoolwork to do during reading... Handwriting Geography tracing Free drawing
We have been doing Morning Time consistently since last summer, and it just gets richer as we go!

Birthday Manners for Children

I tried googling for something like this for my kids to read and couldn’t find it, so I wrote one. Feel free to take it and tweak it for your personal use with your kids. :)


Birthday Manners
When someone takes the time out of their day to come to your party, that is a gift. Time is valuable and they’re spending it on you. When people arrive, greet them cheerfully and say hi. If they say Happy Birthday, say “thank you!” When they leave, say, “thank you for coming!”
It is important to be and act thankful for every single gift, even if you do not like it. 
The giver spent time and money on you and it is rude to act disappointed or bored with a gift, no matter what it is. 
Thank each person politely, with eye contact & with a smile as you open their gift. 
When a gift is wrapped in a gift bag, take out all the tissue paper first, then the gift. This way the bag is clearly empty or not, and you don’t miss anything or look like you expected more by looking in the tissue paper after…

10 Conversation Starters for Family Dinner

Family dinner is so important and so good for us - but sometimes bickering or lack of good conversations make it seem less enjoyable for everyone. Here are some ideas to get everybody talking and engaged!

1. If you could live in any book...what book would it be, and why?

(Alternative: If you could live in any movie...what movie and why?)

2. What is your favorite memory? Or, what was your favorite thing this week (or today)?

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?and why?

4. If you wrote a book - where and when would the story take place?

5. If you were in the Great British Baking show - and you could bake whatever you wanted - what would you design to impress the judges?

6. What is your favorite song and why? Can you sing it for us?

7. If you could have any animal as a pet - what would you pick?

8. If you could have one superpower...what would you choose? And why?

9. If you could turn into any animal for a day - what would you pick?

10. Would you rather live …

Dear McDonalds - why aren’t there sound absorbing acoustical panels in the Playplace?!

Hi, McDonalds! Mother of 4 kids aged 4-10 here. Big fan of your southwest salad. And iced coffees. And 20 piece nuggets. Also cheap drive thru cones!

We recently took a weekend road trip & we visited two different McDonalds Playplaces. They were a huge hit with the kids, eager to play and full of  excess energy from hours in the car.

So... I’m sure you’re not aware, but the sound reverberates hellishly in your children’s Playplace. This is partly because children are loud, but largely because the room is a glass and metal amplifier.

I’m going to assume that you don’t intend to torture parents who have just purchased 4 happy meals and want to sip their caramel macchiato in relative peace while their offspring race for the top of the slide.

I’m going to assume that your architect somehow dropped the ball and failed to adequately explain to you the value of good acoustic tiles, and how, unlike METAL CEILINGS, they do not bounce sound back at people like a deranged game of auditory pi…

Ebates Review

Have you heard about Ebates?

This is a quick way to get the most out of your online shopping. It’s basically giving you a percentage back from your spending - so if you’re spending the money anyway, it’s great to get a little bit of it back.

Click my affiliate link and give it a try!

I have gotten one check already from purchases I've used Ebates with - and I have another one coming soon. They do come in the mail on a schedule - which is a tiny bit frustrating when you see your earnings and can’t access them.

This literally only takes ONE CLICK per purchase  once it's set up and you download the browser extension. Or, you can click directly thru to sites from the Ebates website.

Let us know in the comments what your experience with Ebates is!

Beautiful Birthday Butterfly Bash!

Butterflies are beautiful and ethereal - like real world fairies! What better theme for an imaginative, creative kid's birthday party? Here are some awesome finds I ran across while planning my daughter's butterfly party...

DIY & low cost ideas...

Coloring sheets are a great activity, decoration, and favor! String some colored versions on ribbon for a quick inexpensive decoration. This page has a large selection of both more cartoon style and sophisticated zentangle style butterflies! The Butterfly Site has some pages of specific types of butterfly as well as a life cycle page. Mom Junction has a page with a lot of different species of butterfly as well as a color by number.

DIY butterfly mobile!

Amazon finds...

 Melissa & Doug Decorate Your Own Wooden Butterfly Magnets Craft kit!Melissa & Doug Simply Crafty Whimsical Wands Kit Butterfly necklace kit - makes 6!This Dover Butterfly sticker book would make a great favor

Oriental Trading has some awesome butterfly ite…